Consolidate Payday Loans

Consolidate Payday LoansAt The Loan Machine, we specialize in helping customers consolidate payday loans. This helps them in several ways: first, when a customer has several payday loans, this means they also have several monthly payments to make. Making three, four or five payments, on top of your monthly bills, can be challenging.

Also, having multiple payday loans means that you’re paying back interest on each of these loans. And since payday loan companies charge very high interest rates, a large portion of your loan payment is being used to pay interest instead of principal.

The Loan Machine offers a solution to this dilemma. We offer unsecured signature loans so that you can consolidate these payday loans. This means that you will have only one loan, and one interest rate, to repay. Paying back one loan, as opposed to several, means you will pay less interest, and more principal, with each payment. This helps you pay off your loan much more quickly.

Best of all, The Loan Machine makes it easy to obtain a loan. You can walk into one of our 20 locations throughout the Chicago or St. Louis metro areas, or in Springfield, Missouri, and apply for a loan. Or, simply fill out our online loan application and be pre-approved when you come into our store. In either case, once approved, you will receive your money within minutes.

The Loan Machine can help you say goodbye to multiple payday loans, and payments, by helping you consolidate these loans. With one payment to make, instead of several, meeting your budget is much easier to do.

Discover why thousands of customers come to The Loan Machine every year to consolidate payday loans.

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