Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Money TransfersDo you need to send money to a friend or family member and get it there immediately?  What if this friend or family member is in another state, or country?  Is there a way for them to receive the funds you send that same day?

With The Loan Machine’s Western Union® money transfer service there is.

The process is simple: Simply visit one of The Loan Machine’s 20 convenient locations throughout the Chicago or St. Louis metro areas, or in Springfield, Missouri. Provide us with the information for the person you want the money sent to (this includes their name and bank account number, as well as the name and identifying number of the financial institution receiving the money), pay the amount you want to send, and off it goes. In a matter of minutes, they will receive the money.

If you’re the one receiving the money, simply call or visit one of our stores. We will give you the information the sender requires. Once the money is sent, you will receive your funds almost immediately.

With The Loan Machine’s Western Union® money transfer service, sending and receiving money couldn’t be easier, or quicker.

Remember: our services are confidential and our staff is here to assist you. For more information about how to send or receive money through our Western Union® money transfer service, call or stop by one of our offices.